It is 111 degrees today in our little town in Washington State. 

In these conditions, it is important to make sure our dogs stay cool and hydrated.  Here are some tips to follow.  These tips are for healthy dogs.  If you believe your dog has a medical condition, please contact a veterinarian.

How do you know if your dog is hydrated or dehydrated?  One way is by testing skin turgor. Skin turgor is the skin’s elasticity. It is the ability of skin to change shape and return to normal. A decrease in skin turgor is sign of dehydration.  This can be tested by gently pulling up on the skin between their shoulder blades for a few seconds.  If the skin “tents” and does not return to its original state quickly, then your dog may be dehydrated.  If it snaps quickly back into shape, then it is likely that all is well.

Another way to check for dehydration is to check their gums for moisture.  Normal gums should be moist to the touch and shiny in appearance. Tacky gums have a somewhat sticky quality and are consistent with mild dehydration. Dry gums, which often develop a dull appearance, indicate a more significant level of dehydration.

Check their eyes. Sunken eyes are also a sign of significant dehydration.  If your dog has any of the symptoms of dehydration listed above, persistent vomiting or you suspect heatstroke, take him to the vet immediately; this is considered a medical emergency.  In cases of significant dehydration, your dog may need hydration therapy.

Milder cases can usually be treated by owners.  The best way to protect your dog from dehydration is to provide them with a constant supply of clean, clear water at all times, including when you take them outside. Depending on the weather (like days when the temperature is 111 degrees!) and the activity level, your dog will probably need more water on some days than others.  As a general rule, dogs require at least one ounce of water per day for each pound of body weight.

Your dog may benefit from an electrolyte replacement. 

This is especially important for working and active dogs.  When your working or active dog’s body is not getting enough water, fluids containing electrolytes are drawn out of the cells, causing an imbalance that affects their organs. This is the same for human athletes!  The difference is that your dog should be given an electrolyte replacement designed for dogs, not humans.  We recommend two different brands.

FOR WORKING AND PERFORMANCE DOGS – specifically for dogs that experience a high level of training or physical activity

K9 Power Go Dog

This hydration supplement boosts hydration and provides a clean source of energy for the highly active dog. It features a mix of electrolytes, short-burst, and long-range energy fuels designed to hydrate and help keep your dog in their performance safety zone. Above this zone, your dog’s performance declines and heat stroke becomes a real danger.

K9Power is a nutrient-packed blend that can be added to your dog’s food three ways: sprinkled atop kibble, add water to form a gravy, or mix with wet food. It can be given in one full serving every morning or be broken up throughout the day. Like any health regimen, true change comes with repetition, so expect to see full results in 28+ days and keep up delivery to maintain the desired outcome.


NATURAL TOUCH Health & Wellness Electrolyte Replacement

This replenishment fluid encourages faster recovery, endurance and stamina for working and active dogs.  This formula uses electrolytes and minerals to maintain well balanced hydration levels and replace electrolytes lost due to high activity levels and heat conditions.  Just add to your dog’s drinking water.

For more information on these products, please visit our website www.northwestworkingdogsupply.com and look in the food and supplements section.  Feel free to reach out to us personally too!

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